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How to Write a Background Research Paper in No Time

Taking the Initiative

  • Students everywhere are perpetually designated articles of work that require great use of cerebral activity. Conspicuously phrased as “being asked” to perform a task, in actuality, it is a required allotted duty. As a student, you will find that being able to effectively communicate oneself in a formal manner will become increasingly important. Correct correspondence of language, in the form of a writing a paper, will weigh heavily upon your mind, as it will on your final overall grade.
  • Determining your natural capability of meeting and surpassing the expectations of the assignment, lies in you. Just as you have the power to create and manifest, only you have the power to complete your course load assignments. Therefore, time management becomes extremely important. Planning ahead of time, will not only save you time, but teach you how to invest time in the preparation process. This will make for “quality over quantity” in the amount of information gathered, and ultimately the analysis, and implementation of the information into the paper.

Investigation of Background Research Content

  • In the process of researching background content for a paper, begin outlining on a small scale. Ask yourself: who, what, when, where, why, and how? This concept, commonly introduced in primary grade school, is as simple, as it is effective. If the topic of your research paper focuses on X, then it is your obligation to find out as much information on X, as possible. However, always remember, that even within such a limited period of time, one cannot begin to cover every single thing related to the topic X.
  • As you sort through various sources of information, stick to only those that directly relate to your research topic. Find multiple sources of information from different formats, such as peer reviewed journals, scientific studies, books, newspapers, interviews, videos, presentations, etc. to obtain a broader perspective on the subject. If you confine yourself to a few sources, you might fall victim to shutting out your mind.