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Help Me Get Handle On MLA Format Cover Page For My Research Paper

MLA or the Modern Language Association actually doesn’t require a cover page for research papers. Teachers and professors on the other hand may feel differently and so it is a good idea to know what one looks like. Plus, once a student is doing advance work, it looks decidedly more professional to have a cover page on a paper.

Follow the Teacher’s Instructions above all else

Most professors, teachers or instructors have a very clear view of what they want on the front page. Now, if they didn’t say. There is a general set up for an MLA cover page.

The MLA cover page should have:

  • School name (high school, university, or college)
  • The title of the research paper
  • The student’s name
  • The class
  • The teacher, professor, or instructor’s name
  • The date

The page is always double spaced and the words are centered on the page. About a quarter of the way down the page type the school’s name. Then jump to about one-third of the way down the page and type the research paper title. There is some discussion if this is in all caps or if it uses lower and upper case. Erring on the side of caution, using all caps cannot be wrong. If there is a subtitle it goes right underneath the title. These are all centered on the page remember.

Next skip several lines and put in Name with course name and number under it. This is all double spaced. Under the course name and number comes the name of the professor, teacher, or instructor and then under that is the due date.

Margins and Font

Margins are extremely important in MLA formatting. They are one inch on all sides. This includes the cover page. Students cannot fudge the margins in this case and try and make them bigger or smaller to make the paper shorter or longer depending on the requirements of the assignment.

The font size for MLA papers is 12 points. It isn’t 11 and it isn’t 13. It is 12. Consistency in formatting is extremely important. MLA gives strict guidelines and when followed, papers look clean and crisp. It can also help a writer organize their thoughts and make sure to cite all references correctly. MLA formatting is in standard use