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Where to Find a Marketing Research Paper Example

There is a great need for detailed market research on developing business strategy and marketing strategies. But the big question is where to find the marketing research paper example. The following are 3 main sources of marketing research paper example.

  1. Secondary sources
  2. These are sources of marketing research paper example which are collected from organizations and individuals. These sources will help you in indentifying the sources of info and help you get a overall picture of the market and a detailed info on the specific sections of the market. Industry and associations may be a good source of information at the industry level. They provide info free to members and charge a nominal fee for the non-members. Libraries too are good sources of marketing research paper examples but the reference material cannot leave the library so one has to stay and write down the information. You can also get info from the government departments, you can make a phone call and arrange for having a copy of the appropriate research paper sent to you.

  3. Primary sources
  4. This source of info is gathered directly from the source. It is more time consuming but it ensures that the info is directly relevant to your research and it is timely. You can collect the example by direct observation, questionnaires and surveys. The research examples will provide you clear info about marketing research. You have to collect and record the answers from the research examples.

  5. Expert Sources
  6. Experts are the best sources of excellent research paper examples. They can help point the possible sources of the info you might need. Possible sources are business advisory centers, experts in the industry, chamber of commerce, accountant universities, consultant researchers etc who undertake research and make the info public when the studies are completed.

When you look in the right places, you will be able to find a lot of market research paper examples and information, but the big trick is to identify the value and relevance of the research to what it is you are doing your research on and determine whether the info is accurate enough to be used. The primary resources are the best way to get a research paper example as they provide the detailed info which directly relates to the market. Other sources to find market research paper examples include Wikipedia, and blogs and magazines etc.