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Why is it so hard to write a good law coursework?

This is a very difficult question to answer although perhaps the obvious one is that the law is a difficult and tricky subject to study. It is not easy to write a good law coursework, to produce a body of work which receives some excellent grading. But obviously it can be done and the purpose of this article is to give advice and tips on how to make it so.

Despite the fact that one would think the study of literature for example would be a subject where a diverse range of opinions exist and thus enable students to tackle the topic from a variety of points of view, the law is just as if not more subjective than literature. Getting two lawyers to agree on a single issue can be a monumental task. The law is always subject to debate.

Take this as gospel

If you think it is difficult to create good law coursework then for a moment consider how Supreme Court justices reach agreement. That's assuming that they ever do reach agreement. When you read the judgment of these learned judges, you can see how easy it is for two legal minds to come to completely different conclusions when considering the same case.

So it is with writing good law coursework. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of doing well your legal studies, you should apply some or all of the following tips.

Learn how to write clearly and simply. The clarity of your writing is essential in any court of law coursework. Similarly the accuracy of your language is vital. Producing how to read work or inaccurate data is a sure way to have your essay marked down. Lack of editing or sloppy editing is also a major no-no. There must be no obvious flaws in your presentation. While on the one hand it is possible to have contrasting views on a legal issue, in presenting a case it is also a very exact science. You are there to use evidence to prove your point.

Being in command of your argument is likewise a powerful tool. Demonstrate that you know the issue backwards and are able to apply the law correctly. To do so is another major plus. Always be relevant. Always stick to the topic. And finally, don’t be afraid to use an unusual take on the topic. A bit of individual brilliance, especially something coming from left field, is a marvellous tool in your armoury.