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Bringing Your Reader into the Essay's Argument

If you are not able to bring the reader into the argument of the essay then you have failed in writing the essay. Your essay always needs to be written with the reader in mind. After all the reader is the one that you are trying to reach here.

Good Title and Opening Paragraph

One of the best ways to get the reader into the argument of the essay is to ensure that you have a good opening paragraph and title. If the reader's attention is not grabbed here the rest of the essay might not even be read much less keep the reader interested. Make sure that you spend time picking out a great title and opening sentence to your essay. Another important part of the opening paragraph is your thesis statement and this should be well thought out and effective.

Keep It Simple

You want to state your thoughts but you also want to make sure that the paper is simple enough or anyone to understand. In most cases you will want to avoid technical terms that not everyone knows unless you are going to define them at some point in the paper. The more simple the paper the more people it will reach. Don't however over simplify the paper it still needs to have a purpose and the purpose of the paper needs to be achieved.

Organize It

Remember that the paper needs to flow easily. You want the reader to be able to follow the paper and not get confused. The order of it needs to be correct for it to flow correctly. If you read over the paper and feel that something doesn't fit right it is probably because it doesn't and if you can't understand it you can rest assured that your reader will not be able to either. If they cannot understand and follow your paper then they will not be in the argument either.

If you keep these things in mind you are sure to entice your reader which is the most important part when writing your essay. Have others look over the paper and let you know what they feel you can change and what can stay the same. The rough draft will likely be edited several times before you have accomplished exactly what you want to with your paper and you should not let this discourage you if this happens to be the case.