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Help me write my essay for free - a common student request

There are a host of options on the Internet that will help you write your essay for free. Whether or not they will help you will depend on what you are actually looking for in help. If it is help in organizing and structuring the essay, there are some things you should keep in mind before using a site as a guiding source. The same is true for research. Most of all, the Internet can teach you how to organize your notes so that your essay is logical and concise.

Where to start looking

The first place to start is right on your university or school site. If the professor is not maintaining a page that lists resource material for essay help, there may be a standard issued by the university that is posted. Most departments also have a preferred style guide, such as the MLA and APA, which applies to research papers and essays. Essays do not have to be commonly footnoted, but it is also depends on what the essay is about. If you reference any quotes or statistics, you will need at least an inline citation.

What to do with what you find

Once you have found a guide for the style and form of your essay, it is time to locate the material to use as the source for your content. A good place to start is just by searching the main parts of the thesis or prompt statement. A little reading should begin to inspire you towards your content. Take short notes and assign them to a beginning, thesis argument, argument, conclusion format. This puts your notes into a standard 5 paragraph essay format. Make sure to double check your class requirements to make sure this is the paragraph structure desired. It can be very helpful to use a spreadsheet program to organize your notes as they can be filtered and reorganized as a list. You can have a column for the notes, a column for the resource information and a column that defines what part of the essay it should fall under.

Playing it safe

There are many free sites online that will let you cop and paste your finished essay in and run it through a plagiarism checking system. You may have not intentionally plagiarized anything, but what we read does influence us and you may have inadvertently included some phrasing that would call the origin of the essay into question. It is always better to do one extra step to just play it safe.