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College Essay Sample on Violations of Human Rights: Mass Murder, Genocide, and the Holocaust


Human rights violations are referred to those actions in which human rights are ignored. These violations result in causing harm to other people. Human rights ensure that every human being has a right to life, which should be supported by the law. Every human being has a right that his or her life should be protected by others. Mass murder, genocide, and the holocaust are considered as human right violations. All these acts deprive the human beings form their basic right to life.


Mass Murder

Mass murder is the act of killing four or more people at the same time. Mass murder may occur in a single place. It is the intentional murder; carpet-bombing is an example.Mass murder is regarded as human rights violation as it deprives a large number of people from life.


Genocide is the systematic destruction of a particular ethnic or racial group, by killing their members, causing physical or mental harm. Genocide affects the peace conditions in the particular region. It is the planned murder done by a particular ethnic group or government agents.It is also a human rights violation as it deprives the particular group of people from life.

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was the murder of millions of Jews during World War II, by Adolf Hitler in German territories. Concentration camps were made by Hitler, in which Jews were kept until they died of starvation or exhaustion. He made units,which were called as Einsatzgruppen,where mass shootings were done. He made extermination camps and gas chambers for mass killing of European Jews. It is the biggest example of genocide in the history.


Mass murder, genocide, and the holocaust are considered as human rights violations. All these acts cause mass killing of people, which deprive them from their basic human rights.