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Where I can find some helpful research paper topic ideas

When you are writing a research paper you may be struggling with a topic. So where can you find some helpful research paper topic ideas?

  1. You can review your course material. Look over the material provided to you at the beginning of the course and see if there is any section or subsection within the textbooks or course resources that stands out. You can find many great research topics right under your nose.

  2. Review your course notes. Look over lecture notes and see if there was anything in particular your professor covered that stood out. Look for something that you found interesting and would be curious to know more about.

  3. Use online resources. The internet has a multitude of potential topic ideas that can stem from your course description. You can search for keywords from your course description and find many online topics.

Below you will a list of potential research topics. The list should be used as a starting point. You can revise the question or form a more coherent thesis as you begin analyzing the researching the subject:

  • How is bullet resistant glass made?
  • How did the introduction of trains change America?
  • What are the long term effects of steroids on the human body?
  • What were the original Olympic Games?
  • Why do people sleep?
  • How did the long bow allow the English military to dominate the world at the time?
  • How did the invention of gunpowder change historic war?
  • What takes place inside of a beehive?
  • How did Cleopatra come to power in Egypt? What influences did she have during her rule?
  • What is known about historic ninjas?
  • How has airport security changed since 9/11?
  • How much does the war on drugs cost annually? What can be done to alter this amount?
  • What long term effects have oil spills had on the environment?
  • What is life like for a monk?
  • How did the Magna Carta change England?
  • What effect does texting have on literacy rates?
  • How do night vision goggles work?
  • What led to the fall of the Roman Empire?
  • What are the environmental dangers of underwater exploration?
  • How effect has the Patriot Act been at halting terrorism?
  • What influence did journalists have on U.S. involvement in Vietnam?