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Top 20 Brand New Economics Term Paper Topics

Putting together a great term paper is a lengthy process. You should start brainstorming ideas for your paper as soon as you receive the assignment from your instructor. Early planning and good organization will make writing your paper much easier. Procrastination will never help you produce top quality work.

As a term paper carries a lot of weight when it comes to calculating your final grade, you have got to get it right. The first step is to come up with a terrific topic. Then turn this into a powerful thesis.

If you are required to write an economics term paper, and still don't have a topic, you have come to the right place. We have a list of 20 original and unique topics that may provide inspiration. Remember that the first step towards a winning term paper is a unique and original subject. Don't be afraid to tweak the suggestions below to suit your interests, and the material covered in your economics course.

  • Mobile Technology And The Global Economy. Positive, Negative Or Neutral Overall Impacts?
  • Russia's Political Policies On Energy Prices
  • China's Increasing Economic And Political Power, What Does The Future Hold?
  • The Effects On The Global Economy Resulting From Middle Eastern Conflicts
  • Immigration And Labour Migration: Impacts On Regional Economies
  • Economic Impacts Resulting From Global Warming
  • The Economic Opportunities Arising From Climate Change
  • The Impacts Of The Ebola Outbreak On The Global Travel Industry
  • What Do Lower Gas Prices Mean For Economies Dependent On Fossil Fuel Exports?
  • Are European Interest Rates Set To Rise In The New Year? What Will Be The Effects On The Ongoing Economic Recovery?
  • Is The World Bank Still A Relevant Or Effective Organization?
  • To What Degree Does China's Trade Policy Affect The Economies Of E Nations?
  • How Effectively Has The EU Managed The Last Decade's Economic Turmoil?
  • What Effect Does Cyber Hacking Have On The Online Economy?
  • What Will Be The Biggest Economic Challenge For The UK In 2015?
  • What Was President Obama's Worst (Or Best) Economic Policy Move In 2014?
  • Which Of The World's Economies Will Come Out On Top In The New Year?
  • What Are The Effects Of Obesity On The Global Economy?
  • What Impacts Will The Rise Of Alternative, Renewable Energy Sources Have On Economies In The Middle East?
  • Are There Any Economic Repercussions As Global Biodiversity Declines, And The Number Of Endangered Species Increases?