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Possible writing prompts for your holocaust essay

Writing an essay on the holocaust can be intriguing yet challenging at the same time. Selecting your writing prompt of interest may depend on a specific person or event that happened during this time. You want to be sure you can select something that will give you plenty to discuss in your essay depending on how long it needs to be. The prompt should also provide a good idea on what the main topic or subject matter is for the paper. This will make your research and data collection easier. The following are brief ideas on potential prompts for your holocaust essay.

  • What countries were involved in the holocaust and what were their roles? You can explore this from various aspects such as who helped support the people affect and/or who was against it and why?
  • What was Hitler’s role during this ordeal and why did so many people hate him and his actions? Why do you think Hitler committed the acts he was accused of doing?
  • How do you think Jewish people were treated during this time? Do you think they were treated fairly or not and why? How do you think Jewish people lived and went on with their lives when the holocaust ended?
  • How did people escape from the torture and violence? Was it true that Nazis were known for helping the Jews escape? What evidence supports such claims and what evidence says such acts did not happen?
  • How was life for people living in concentration camps? Anne Frank may come to mind as one of the notable people who lived during this time. Where there other people who may not have become as notable as Anne Frank but made a significant difference as a survivor?
  • What was it like for Nazi soldiers? How did these individuals live during the holocaust? Were there acts or crimes they committed that were considered wrong or justified? How did they protect themselves from others?
  • How did this event and related acts affect children during this time period? What psychological effects, if any, were experienced? This can be from a point of view of a child who lived in the camps or someone who was a child at the time the holocaust occurred but learned the fate of other children who were directly involved.
  • How much money was spent during this time period and what expenses were incurred?