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Why not to use a book review service


Offering the illusion of truth is something essential these days. Consumer reviews are extremely powerful and, unlike old – style marketing, they are different and offer high quality content. They are actually testimonials of real persons, but they are something commercial like everything on the Internet. It is all related to money and the same people are in the same circle. The ones who pay for them are the ones who try to sell them. But nothing that is artificial lasts too long.


A book review is a critical analysis and a text that brings information on the quality and significance of a certain book. There is a huge difference between a critique of a book and a book review. The critique shows the strengths and weaknesses, while the book review is only a commercial opinion. Something fake. A critique evaluates the whole book, in the sincere opinion of the reviewer.


There’s a saying that you can only write a review on something that you like. Although the large majority of book reviews are paid for only to influence Amazon’s algorithms and get more sales, you can’t get it right if you don’t like it. Psychologically speaking, positive book reviews can create some serious buzz. And negative ones too. Maybe you should write the book review for yourself and not let anybody do that for your work. You wrote it then you must like it and know its best strengths. Be sure to include all of them in your review and don’t ever pay for a book review service.


If you want to write a bestseller, then you will need to write it with your heart. There are many book review services that offer “superbly written, credible and amazing” texts in only 4 weeks. With all due respect to those experts that write remarkably well, a book review written by somebody else except you is a fake. As stated above, the critique is totally different from a review. You need to personally write your book review and sky-rocket your sales. Customers feel the fake book reviews. They need something authentic that triggers emotion in them and makes them push the “Buy Now” button. That’s everything to be said on this topic. Choose wise and choose not to use a book review service.