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Getting The Best Essay Examples Easily: 10 Places To Check

An excellent way to learn how to write a particular type of paper is to study good quality examples. Sadly, it’s not always easy to know where to find any good quality sample papers. That’s why we’ve put together this great list of the ten best places to check for proper essay examples.

  1. Essay websites
  2. There are so many essay websites on the Internet that you’re bound to find an excellent example of what you’re looking for. Plus, many of these sites offer their content for free, so you won’t be out of pocket at all.

  3. Writing websites
  4. Websites dedicated to teaching people how to write may also have some great sample papers that you can use. Again, there are so many of these sites online that you’ll definite find what you need. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a few sample papers for free.

  5. University websites
  6. Many university websites put samples of different types of papers up on their websites to help their students with their projects. So, have a look at some university websites to see if you can find any useful sample papers.

  7. Your tutor
  8. If you have a tutor, you should ask them if they have any sample papers that you can use. It’s very likely that they have a few brilliant sample papers for you to use.

  9. Your lecturer
  10. Your lecturer’s job is to teach you, so they may also have a few great sample papers to show you. So, don’t be afraid to ask them. The worst they can do is refuse to help you.

  11. Writing textbooks
  12. There are many excellent textbooks about academic writing, and many of them have sample papers to illustrate their points. So, have a look for some handy sample papers in your own textbook or even at the library.

  13. Anthologies of essays
  14. Lots of essay anthologies have outstanding papers in them, as editors usually only include the best papers they can find in an anthology. So, check out some anthologies at your local library.

  15. Academic journals
  16. Academic journals are full of excellent papers, and you may be able to use some of these as sample papers.

  17. Writing centres
  18. Luckily, there are writing centres that teach people how to write, and many of them offer outstanding essay examples as part of their courses. So, consider joining a writing course at your closest writing centre.

  19. Your friends
  20. Finally, if you still can’t find enough useful essay examples, you should ask your friends if they have any for you. If they’re doing the same courses as you are, they may have just what you need.