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Police Brutality

Police brutality has covered media headlines for the last two decades. The citizens have continued to riot in cases where this brutality exceeds the standard range of punishment. Fatal shootings are becoming common. Amazingly, the police officers responsible for the killings are not held for long before they are released to their normal duties. Studies have noted that police use excessive force to the minority groups. For instance, Latinos and African –Americans have confidence that the police use this force on suspects, rather than the ideal victims of the offense. On the other hand, a number of people think that the excessive force is necessary to prevent additional crimes in the society. Therefore, it is important to analyze the disparate views on the two sides of this aspect.

Since the issue of police brutality is based on racial grounds, the police should be held accountable for their misconduct. This will enable them to treat all groups of individuals with equality; hence use appropriate amount of force. According to social scientists, many police officers are not trusted by their communities as a result of misconduct. Their anger is imposed beyond measures. Further investigations also affirm that the brutality of police officers is persistent. Systems that deal with the abuses are no longer at ease. The complainants find difficulty in seeking administrative aid. Majority of the police officers evade punishment after violating the law. A study by the Seattle times depicted that 70% of all police crimes are unreported, and therefore, no actions are taken.

Even though police brutality is noted to be a negative incidence by a vast majority, some think that it is a better way of ending crimes. The young and the old have improved their tactics in handling guns. Violent crimes are committed by very young individuals. Tapes of gun shows are viewed by a larger number of criminals. Maintaining law and order has been a tough task for the police officers. In this, what would a police officer do when they are robbed and their tools are stolen? Getting the victim of the offense would provoke brutality. Therefore, the police should exercise their forces in order to scare criminals.

Police brutality is among the terms, when mentioned, would draw the attention of numerous people. Nobody would wish to experience the incident. However, this aspect should continue in order to scare criminals and those intending to become criminals in the future. If the police were not brutal, numerous crimes would be heard in every second.