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How To Write A Book Report?

Writing a book report includes reading a book or publication assigned and then writing your views about what you read, or a summary. Assignments of this nature try to help students get a better idea of what is going on around them. Sometimes there are concepts or lessons you learn from the content you read and how you write about it. While guidelines may vary for your book report, the following points may include general details of what many book reports include.

  • Book report content may vary depending on academic level and what the student is required to write about. Be sure to follow guidelines or instructions presented before you get started and get clarification from your instructor when necessary.
  • Book reports are often completed by different grade levels. This is important to note since the higher the grade level, the more complex written content should be. High school students and above may be expected to translate or explain messages read in the book in further detail.
  • Book report structures may vary. Basic components of a report include an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Other parts a report may have include an introductory sentence (it starts the first paragraph or introduction paragraph) that works to grab readers attention, details about the book such as the title and author name, genre, theme, angle and what you think the authors thoughts included in relation to the publication.
  • The body paragraphs may include what you thought about the book, the tone, what you thought about the characters, plot, and identification of the author’s thesis or main idea. These aspects will be easier to write about if you take notes while reading the publication in question.
  • The conclusion paragraph helps leave a lasting impression but it may include an opinion. You may want to mention if you were satisfied with how it ended, whether you would recommend the book or even something interesting about the author such as a fact or unique detail.
  • Sometimes you may need to mention again the author name and title of the book. This may be required to be mentioned in the introduction paragraph and again in the conclusion. The title of the publication is often italicized.
  • Read sample book reports to get an idea of how to work or discuss story content. It can help you form your thoughts and note details you may want to include when you start writing.