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A few tips about writing scientific dissertations

A dissertation is like a long, complicated and more professional essay. You’ve probably written essays before. The biggest difference is that your grade depends upon it a great deal more than just an essay or paper. Your success or failure with your dissertation is essentially the success or failure of your entire education and career. That’s why it’s very important to do your best and have as much information as you can going into it. Keep reading to find out some tips on writing and research that you can use to make this process easier on yourself.

How to Keep Dissertation Notes Organized

Whether your dissertation is scientific, or anthropological or any other subject, you still need to be organized and professional during its creation. During your research, if you have facts and papers randomly collected, you’re just making everything harder on yourself. Make sure to know what you’re doing before you start, and you’ll save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be wasted on re-finding things you shouldn’t have lost.

  1. Make a brief outline of your dissertation. Since you’ve been taking classes in this field for a while, you probably know subtopics that interest you more than others. Writing about your passion and favorite subjects is the key to a great dissertation.
  2. Once you have some further ideas, brainstorm keywords and related topics that you can use when searching online or using the library’s computer.
  3. Now you need to have some sort of filing system. For books, you could organize them by subject or relevance; for online sources, try organizing by date or the order you want to put them into your project.
  4. When doing your research, make sure you don’t overlook any type of source – you can find books, journals, articles, websites, magazines, documentaries, videos, photographs, papers, and interviews.

After your research is mostly finished, you’ll thank yourself for organizing it like this. Once you start writing the first draft, having everything already in place will make it easy to connect the dots and write in between the quotes and other facts you’ve chosen to include. All you need to do is link ideas together and write smooth transitions. Doing your research and outline, this way is imperative to the quality of your dissertation. The best dissertations are well thought out and read easily but are still serious and professional.