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Creating a good essay in 6 steps

In our society’s current state writing an essay can be one of the most difficult tasks a person can go through. Essays are being needed everywhere. To meet those needs, here are 6 steps to have a good essay.

  1. Research
  2. Whether you are writing a literature essay, scientific, research, or analytical you will need to research information on your topic that will support you and debunk claims against your own. Gather the sources that your professor requires and then some if allowed. Mention the claims that go against yours and then use research that debunks it, so that your claim will be the only one that your reader will believe.

  3. Know your audience
  4. Now that you have done your research, take into consideration whom your essay is for. If your essay is for an audience that will be more open to your ideas, you do not need to focus too much on debunking opposing claims. If your essay is for your professor, put detail into the research you are using for opposing claims and your own.

  5. Organization
  6. Start with an introduction and a conclusion. Pay attention to having your paper stay organized with its research and presentation of ideas.

  7. Write the essay
  8. Put all the research, considerations to who your audience is, and write in an organized manner that makes your paper run smoothly and make sense to the reader. As you are writing use academic words and remember to use the evidence you have already researched.

  9. Proofread
  10. This probably should take up 3 steps on writing a good essay. There is no such thing as proofreading too much! Proofread as much as possible. The first time you do it check for punctuation, second time for the common mistakes like using the right “your” and “there”, the third time for transitions, fourth time for strong paragraphs, etc. You get the point. Keep proofreading until you reach the point that there is absolutely nothing you think could be better about the paper.

  11. Finalize
  12. Now finalize your product. Check for the proper size and font usage, spacing, citations if needed, formatting, name, and title. Revise and proofread for one last time after you have checked for proper formatting and finalized the paper. After that absolute final revision, if you feel confident with your essay turn it in where it is needed.