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Possible A Raisin in the Sun essay topics

If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to topics for you’re A Raisin in the Sun essay, these suggestions can help kick start the process. A word of caution, though, these are the most popular. You shouldn’t use them exactly as they’re presented, but merely as inspiration for your own topics.

  1. What is the statement Hansberry seems to be making about race? Is there more than one statement? How do they conflict with one another?
  2. Does power and authority switch between characters in the play? If so, how?
  3. What is the impact and role of minor characters like Mr. Lindner, George Murchison or Willy Harris? How do they contrast what the main characters represent?
  4. Does money effect different characters in the play differently? How so?
  5. What is assimilation and why is it important in this play?
  6. What does the title of the play have to do with the dreams of each character?

Expanding on These Ideas

If you have already read the play then you may be able to quickly understand the questions above. If not, that’s no problem. Pick one of these topics and focus on it while reading and studying the play. This is actually the best way for you to read it and to write a fantastic essay.

When you know what you’re planning on writing about it will be even easier for you to pick out the nuances of the play that support your goals. If you have read it already, go back and read it a second time. Take notes and highlight the things that back up your chosen topic.

This Isn’t a Research Essay

Remember that though you aren’t required to come up with a specific answer when writing this paper. It’s not a research paper. It’s a literary analysis. That means that you can come up with unique and interesting conclusions that are all your own.

Take the topics suggested above and put your own personal spin on them. Think of similar topics that are represented in the play if you want to come up with something completely original.

Of course, you could always save the time and headache associated with writing this paper yourself by hiring an essay writing services company to do it for you. If you go that route you’re sure to end up with something that will get you a fantastic grade, and you won’t have to do it all yourself.