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What Are the Best Argumentative Essay Topics to Write On

The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to create a discussion and reveal an opinion on any controversial topic. That’s why writing such an essay requires a topic that can impress your readers. Below is a list of topics that can open heated debates:

  1. Death penalty.
  2. People have continued to discuss the question of the death penalty for tens of years. More than forty countries in the world still use the death penalty. Some say it is cruel, while others consider it as a just punishment. Most people have already formed their opinions on this topic, but after reading your essay, they can review or confirm their views.

  3. Abortion.
  4. The question of abortion still causes a hot debate between pro-choicers and pro-lifers, which is revealed in protests, riots, and picketing. List the arguments of both sides and form your own opinion.

  5. Plastic surgery.
  6. Some people argue that plastic surgery causes addiction and deaths, while others say that everyone can change his or her appearance as much as he or she wants. Are these risks worth the health problems? Decide what position you support.

  7. Border control.
  8. Some modern countries continue their efforts to limit immigration. Border control has its opponents and proponents. People who support immigrant control argue that multiculturalism is harmful. They claim that the integration and coexistence of totally different people are impossible. Is the limitation needed? Form your point of view.

  9. Animal rights.
  10. Is it moral and modern to use animals in experiments? Do people violate animal rights? Are there any alternatives? Answer these controversial questions in your essay.

  11. Dependence on computers.
  12. Modern technologies are present in every sphere of human life. The role of computers has increased. Write your opinion on whether technological progress is useful or harmful.

  13. Genetic cloning.
  14. The opponents of genetic cloning argue that it is wrong for people to play the role of God. Discuss this question in your essay.

  15. Globalization.
  16. Due to technology, the world has become closer, and borders between states are getting blurred. A global language can probably emerge in the next few decades. This process causes a lot of debates that you can reveal in your essay.

  17. Euthanasia.
  18. Discuss if people should have the right to die.

  19. Gun control.
  20. The main argument of the opponents of gun control is that personal firearms can protect people from any offenders, but the number of public shootings has increased during recent years. Explain your position.