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Native American Research Paper Topics: Who Can Provide Advice?


Research Topics

Research topics on Native Americans may be found in the many resources that have been written and produced about them. Two notable writers on Native American culture and history are Dee Brown who wrote “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” and Carlos Castaneda who wrote “The Teachings of Don Juan.” among many other books.

Gleaning Topics

Topics that can be gleaned from writing include a description of Native American culture and specifically information on the many different tribes and ethnic groups that comprise the Native American peoples, including their geographic orientation and how they survived, though most were hunters and gatherers.

Topics can be found through the different histories of the peoples and their different traditions.

Gathering Topics

Topics can be gathered on the many wars and battles that occurred as the European settlers settled into America and moved west. The many different Native American heroes and chiefs and notable characters can be researched. The population shifts of the different tribes due to the Manifest Destiny can be studied.


  • Some of the many resources on Native Americans include “Surrender of Sitting Bull” by E. H. Allison
  • South Dakota Historical Collections, Vol. VI, 1912, pp231-70
  • “Cheyenne at the Little Big Horn – A Study of Statistics” by Harry H. Anderson
  • North Dakota History, Vol. 27, 1960, pp 81-93, S.M.
  • Barrett’s Geronimo’s Study of His Life, New York, Duffield and Co., 1907
  • “I Fought With Geronimo,” Harrisburg, Pa., Stackpole, 1960 by Jason Belzinez.
  • There was W.S. Nye’s and George Bent’s “Forty Years With the Cheyennes” The Frontier, Vol. IV, 1905-06
  • John G. Bourke’s “An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre,” New York, Scribner’s, 1958
  • “Class, Race, Gender and Crime” by Gregg Barak, Paul Leighton and Jeanne Flavin, among others. Just check any library.

Topics Found In Divers Places

Information may be found in diverse places. As the student studies the syllabus and gathers the textbooks for the class, he or she can consider these resources as primary for research paper topics. The instructor has carefully selected this material to be geared toward the subject matter of the class. The student has merely to search for key words, key concepts and key thoughts, which may be matched up to his or her interest area or passion, as the case may be. If the student is able to become passionate about whichever topic he may choose, it will cause him or her to become enthusiastic about the subject and thereby aid him or her in generating ideas about the subject.