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How to write essays- examining causes and effects

The type of research paper that students find themselves writing are either the argumentative/ persuasive essay or the cause and effect essay. Yes they are a bit intimidating and there some important things to keep in mind when writing them, but a cause and effect papers is really fairly straightforward.

Cause and effect essays require to take two items or points of view an compare them and contrast them. So if you are assigned a cause and effect paper and are told what points to focus on and what materials you need to read you need to do it. Make sure you read the assignment books and materials. Also make sure you do research to find cats that can back up what you are saying and to help keep your paper organized and on track.

During the process of researching, you will want to write down the causes and effects that you think might make a good topic, if you are allowed to choose your own. Jot down notes from your assigned reading or from the research you conduct. Keep everything organized so you find your notes easily when you need to refer back to them. As you research you will want to develop your thesis, and you are also going to use this time to gather the evidence you need to make your claim and flush out your cause and effect paper.

The next step is to being to write the essay and the first thing you need to write is the thesis for your essay. This thesis outlines the flow of your paper and also gives an outline for what you are going to talk about. When you write, most instructors want at least five separate paragraphs for the body of the paper. As you write, take the research data you have gathered and use it to apply to the causes, the effects, and the relationship that exists between the two.

The final step for writing any paper is to read it over after you are done writing. Check for typos, spelling, grammar, and content flow. You may want to get someone else to look it over for you so you can have a fresh pair of eyes check for mistakes. Revise the essay as needed and be prepared to do several drafts before you are finished. Most good writers will do at least 2-3 drafts before turning in a paper.