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Zero Tolerance In Schools

Arguably school is an industry that makes useful people out of young people. Many will agree with this statement but this doesn’t close the door for some who may feel that they differ. Never the less it is important to make sure that we let the young people attend school. This does not however come without a taste of some bitter pill bearing in mind that youths have got a lot of energy and if not guided properly they could miss use it by indulging in other unpleasant activities. Despite all the effort taken by the leaders you will agree with me that violence is real and very rampant in schools. This has led to very server measures being put in place so as to curb violence and is common known to many as zero tolerance to violence.

The most common nature of violence is bullying and will be dubbed by students as initiation of freshmen to the school system. Bullies exist in every community and they are cruel. You will find them on the play grounds, school busses and on your way to and from school. Their main aim is to intimidate others, hurt their feelings and harass their colleagues. Schools are now on the lookout for such individuals or clique of students and measures including expulsion are put in place to discourage and completely get rid of the violent behavior. Bad company and examples could turn any one into a cruel bully. Schools are thus not lenient in any way to bullies who feel that they are above any other student in the school.

Measures to prevent developing bullies are not taken only within the school compound. Even parents who are supposed to take good care of their children could turn them into violent bullies. This could be by setting up the wrong examples to your kids as they grow. Some kids just get violent because they learnt it along the way as they grew up. A child could also grow in to a bully if they are treated the wrong way when the wrong way during their tender age. Witnessing or being subjected to violence at young age could lead to that person being violent during later years. School administrations leave no stone unturned and monitor the behavior of their students even when at home. They also monitor the living conditions of the young people just to make sure that they are being brought up in the right environment.

Zero Tolerance in Schools has got a wide range of advantages. It should however not be a lone responsibility of the teachers or the school to make sure that kids do not turn out to be violent.