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Should There Be A World-Wide Smoking Ban In Public Places?

The debate on whether to ban smoking in the public places is a heated one. Many more debates have stemmed up and the debate is far away from being over. New issues come up every day. Many people have created permanent enemies due to this debate. However, a lot has been achieved and many countries have banned smoking in the public places. Some designated smoking zones have been created and especially in towns and cities. Even those countries that have not banned smoking in the public places, they do not allow smoking in the public offices and working places. These bans have received different reactions from people of both divides. Smoking has many effects not only to the smoker but to the whole community at large. It leads to need for investment of large sums of money so as to correct the issues caused by smoking.

Passive smokers

The main reason that led to the campaign for the ban of smoking in the public places is the issue of passive smokers. Research has showed that the effect of the smoke inhaled by the nonsmokers next to the first smoker is more harmful than what the smoker is getting directly. Passive smokers are thus at a greater risk than the smokers themselves. The diseases that are suffered by the first smoker will also be suffered by the passive smoker. It is very unfair for one to suffer from smoke from a first smoker yet you are not a smoker yourself. Smoking zones were thus introduced so as to let the smokers enjoy their smoke without being of potential harm to the nonsmokers. Adults who live close to smokers are said to be at greater risks of suffering from smoking related diseases. This puts spouses who have smoking partners. Smoking can also be so harmful to children. Employees that are in the same offices with smoking colleagues get ill and do not show up for work. This reduces productivity.

Ban smoking in public Places

The adverse effect that smokers have to the society is so much. Even though people see it as a violation of human right, smoking should not be allowed in public places. Smoking also has great effect on the environment. All countries should come up together and ban smoking in the public places. Smoking zones should be established and trees planted close to these zones so as to reduce the effect of smoking to the universe.