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Essay writing help

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Do My Assignment — Academic Writing Help Online

Every student needs help with academic writing at various times of the school year but it is unethical for a student to hire a company to complete his entire essay or research paper for several reasons. When a student hires a writing service to complete his work, he never learns how to properly apply himself and gather research so that he will be a better scholar in the future. Another disadvantage of hiring a writing service is that you risk getting in trouble since high school teachers and professors are more skilled in detecting plagiarism. However, it is okay to get academic writing help online.

Online Tutoring Websites

There are numerous tutoring websites that offer assistance to students that need help with writing essays, resumes, cover letters and book reviews. A lot of these websites include live chats with the tutors and some of the tutors hold bachelors and masters degrees while other tutors are currently college students. When composing questions to the tutors, write them in a clear way so they can better assist you.

Collegiate English Department Websites

Some university English department websites offer sections on various types of academic writing and these sections are detailed in giving advice on how to do writing assignments. For example, you may find different sections on the website that help you understand different format styles such as APA style, Chicago style and MLA style.

SAT and ACT Tutorial Websites

For those who want to practice reading comprehension and analytical writing for college aptitude tests such as the SAT and ACT, you can visit websites that serve as tutorials for these tests. You can print out sample essays and book passages and bring them to your English teacher so that he can go over them with you and give you pointers. Some of these websites can be downloaded to your phone as a mobile app.

Local Community Centers' Websites

Sometimes these centers have websites that are designed to tutor students on academic writing and other subjects. You may find blogs about choosing a good essay topic, outlining your research paper, avoiding wordiness in academic writing, and properly citing your sources. This is a good resource for low-income families that cannot afford a tutor. Finally, you want to utilize all online resources when preparing a paper and you should also research your topic a few weeks before the paper's due date.