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Aggressive Behavioral Characteristics in Young Women

Aggressive behavior among young women is one of the vital communal challenges. Increasing aggressive crime amid young women has globally been witnessed. Researchers have identified a number of aspects leading young women to engagement in aggressive behaviors. These factors include biological, psychological, and genetic characteristic.  Other factors include the particular trait of an individual background, pressure of subculture, and the effect of mass media.

The communal responsibilities for young women are now changing in the society. For instance, young women are intimately concerned and sturdily participate in challenging men in the labor force. The conventional task of nurturing children and taking care of husbands is not the precedence for many women anymore. There are sufficient of facts and studies showing that young women are competent of brutal and aggressive behaviors.
Limited studies have been conducted about women who commit partner aggression. A study was conducted to examine how the aggressive behavior of young women towards their partners is associated with features of the relationship and with fierceness more generally. In addition, a study to examine the hypothesis that aggression is typically induced by self-defense was also conducted. These aggressive and violent behaviors by young women frequently lead to progressively more hazardous behaviors for perpetrator and gradually more damaging effect s for the victim, including emotional misery and educational failure.

The aggressive behavioral characteristics of young women are more multifaceted and more hazardous than that of men. Owing to the fact that young women are typically physically weak compared to men, the hostile and aggressive behaviors of women usually involve a range of stages. Capaldi and Owen (2002) scrutinized this theory by studying reported physical aggressiveness among young couples where either the man or woman demonstrated repeated physical violence towards a partner. They established that the percentage of marriages in which both partners were often violent was six times more than expectations by chance.

Young women who behave violently towards their partners appear to be more antagonistic than women are, and are in most instances the only physically violent partner in the relationships. Research does not substantiate the supposition that self-defense is the key inspiration for perpetration of women. The consequences ought to be seen in light of the condition that examination of the typical population simply to a limited degree captures serious aggression in intimate relations.  Physically aggressive young women frequently show other disruptive behaviors and can get secluded, leading to progressively poor relationships and extra social and mental problems.