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How to write an original research paper from scratch

Writing a research paper may seem like a simple process, but many students find it intimidating since it involves various steps. The process can be simplified by remembering basic actions part of the research and writing process. It is important for students to understand how to write a research paper since many colleges and universities require this form of writing to be completed. Overall, students are taking considerable time in choosing a topic with critical thinking, evaluating their findings upon organizing them and composing a paper that demonstrates writing skills while presenting their findings. The following points generalize the writing process for a research paper.

  • Topic selection: when you are free to choose your topic you are encouraged to choose something you have an interest in or you know well. Choose something you feel you can stay focused on while being able to collect enough data to provide sufficient content for the main idea behind it.
  • Develop thesis statement: this task alone can be challenging to create, but keep in mind your research greatly depends on how strong it is. Your statement may pose the main argument or question your research paper works to explain from start to finish. Some students may think their statement is final in the beginning, but as you get further into the research process you may find yourself altering your original statement before you are finished with your paper.
  • Start researching your topic. Start off creating a list of resources to consider before jumping in. Think about your topic and information you need to support your main idea. Consider sources you may need to use to help you collect necessary information to do so. The library, scholar databases, bibliographies, and government websites are a few ideas. Take notes as you go by writing down significant information you want to mention in your paper.
  • Organize your findings and start writing: you can start putting your findings together, but some students may do this process simultaneously with the research process. This goes back to the thesis statement writing as well. You may find yourself having a better idea of what your statement will be.
  • Proofread, rewrite and revise: you may start off writing a rough draft but you can go back and make your content solid by checking for errors, misspellings, and overall content structure. Check your content to make sure it meets guidelines.