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How to make a research paper on abortion interesting

Nowadays you’ve got to choose sides when it comes to the abortion issue. You’re either pro life or pro choice. But it should be noted that either one of these views stems from one critical question: ”Is a foetus considered a living human being?” The question is obvious for some, and debatable for others. It’s this question that causes lots of controversy, anger and even heartache.

The root of the argument

Taking this argumentative question and writing your research paper about it from different views will make for very interesting reading, as opposed to the everyday, humdrum papers that are written about whether you are pro life or pro choice. Your research paper will have a greater effect in influencing the reader if it is written in a way that compels the reader to answer the root question on which all abortion opinions hang.

A religious view

Your paper will have more bearing if you investigate this question from a spiritual point of view. There are thousands of different spiritual beliefs today and people who believe in absolute truth are diminishing. Taking your own beliefs and, without a tone of hostility, arguing your case from that standpoint will make your research paper believable and grab the attention of the reader.

Comparative interviews

Research papers are all about analysis and investigation. You may want to take the approach of putting forth both views in an unbiased form and write a comparative essay from the viewpoint of two people who have actually undergone an abortion. One woman regrets her decision while the other is happy for the opportunities her decision opened up for her. Another twist would be to interview a woman who was on the verge of doing the procedure, changed her mind, and has successfully struggled through the battle that compels woman to have abortions.

Contemporary news

Search the net for the latest developments in the abortion controversy. Emily Letts is a horror movie actress who has recently undergone an abortion procedure and had it posted on YouTube. There have been mixed feelings about her blasé demeanour towards the whole event and her motives for making this so public have been questioned. Looking at your research paper from this point of view will be fresh, because it’s as contemporary as it comes.

Remember, no one wants to read a hot-headed research paper that shoves your opinion down their throat. Keep your argument composed, factual and make sure your opinion is not overbearing to the reader.