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How to write a thesis statement for research paper

It is very difficult to write perfect thesis statements straight from the word go. Developing a thesis statement takes time and patience. It does not mean that you should start your research paper with the thought that you will develop your statement at a later point.

What is a thesis statement?

  • The thesis statement is the guidelines of what is contained in the research paper.
  • Every research paper has to have a thesis statement.
  • Your first statement about your research paper will be rather cumbersome but through the process of talking about the research and the active research that you will accomplish you will arrive at a thesis statement that will have all the information about the research compacted into one succinct sentence.

First Stage

  • Starting right at the beginning, you have an idea of what you want to research, what variables you want to manipulate and what target papers and work that you want to acknowledge and explore through your research paper.
  • At this stage your thesis statement is probably about a paragraph long. You have the idea; you have discussed it with your professor (at length). Make sure that they are happy with what you want to research even if you have not yet got the exact wording of the thesis.
  • Did you know that the more you talk about your research paper the better you will get at explaining what you want to achieve with your work. The more you talk about it the more your find that you modify the language you use to describe it and the more likely you are to explain it in fewer words that have more meaning.
  • So now your thesis that was a paragraph is now only two or three sentences. There is still room for improvement.

Next stage

  • Remind yourself what you are trying to prove though your research. What are the variables? What is my focus?
  • Remember also that as you research for your paper, you may find other aspects that may through your thesis into slight disarray, but that is OK, as your thesis is still in its working stage. It is not finalized yet.
  • It is not good academic practice to write anything in the first person (I), especially that thesis for a research paper.
  • You should now be able to get your research thesis down to one sentence. This sentence should be very string in that encompasses the whole package of what your research paper is about and the supporting evidence that you have used to achieve it.