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Creating A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper

You cannot write a research paper without a solid thesis statement. In fact, thesis statements are so important that if you do not have one, there is a 100% chance that you will fail the assignment.

Also, a paper becomes easier to write when you have a solid thesis statement.

  • What is the definition of a Thesis Statement?
  • One can find the thesis statement in the first paragraph at the end of it in an essay. In fact, unless you are a really talented writer you should have your thesis statement at the end of paragraph one.

    However, some writers spend two paragraphs on their introductions when they have a lot of dramatic information to “lure” their readers in and care about their topic and then they place it at the end of paragraph two.

    What the thesis statement does is to tell your reader what your essay is going to do – what your purpose is and what the essay will be about.

    You can write these in terms of “In this essay, I will” type of fashion—which actually helps new or struggling writers to make sure they have a working thesis statement, or you can frame it in the third person, as long as your purpose is clear such as the following thesis statement:

  • Thesis Statement in the Third Person:
  • It is important that we do something to save our coral reefs now before the loss of them causes catastrophic results to our food supply and economy.

  • Thesis Statement with “I”:
  • I am going to discuss how important it is that we take action to save our coral reefs now before the loss of them has catastrophic results to our food supply and economy.

  • How do You Write a Thesis Statement
  • To write a thesis statement, you must know your topic and have an exact purpose. Also, you can always change your thesis later if you’re writing an essay for which the topic changes as you write it—for example—if you want to broaden a thesis statement for a long paper you can go back and modify your thesis accordingly.

    For example, let’s return to our topic about the destruction of the coral reefs. Let’s say you have a longer paper and need even more to discuss or you just want to discuss more about the reefs, for example, let’s say you want to discuss examples of all the kinds of destruction of the coral reefs—and how we can change this as well. Then you could change your thesis to: "I’m going to discuss not only the specific type of damage humans are wreaking on coral reefs but how we can stop this as well.”