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How To Come Up With The Best Descriptive Essay Topics For College

College level descriptive writing is just a tad more demanding than what you may have become accustomed to in high school and elementary school. You can choose similar topics if you wish but you will need to put in a higher level of description than ever before. The following tips may be of use to you:

  • Make sure the topic resonates with you
  • Things you care about are easy for you to discuss and describe both in writing and out loud. A topic that you are interested in is far easier to write and much more likely to result in a great descriptive essay.

  • Know your target
  • Who’s going to be reading this essay and grading it? That person will have particular interests too. Ideally you should look for a topic that intersects between what you want to write about and what your reader will enjoy reading. That makes for an essay that gets scored well.

  • Relax
  • While its harder to write a descriptive essay at college level, it’s still one of the formats that allows for the most freedom. Take advantage of that and let your creativity out. If you can, embellish reality a bit for the sake of a good essay. All the best writers do.

    Think about those tips and check out this list of potential topics. They mostly deal with some of your college experiences that should still be fresh in your memory and easy to describe.

  • My Journey with the Freshman Fifteen
  • The Things I learned on College that High School never prepared me for
  • All about underage binge drinking
  • My favorite Shakespearean Sonnet (and why it far outshines his plays)
  • On Writing My First Novella
  • All about subtlety in humor
  • The college campus through my eyes as an international student
  • The first piece of artwork to bring me to tears
  • How pain made me an honor student
  • The day I graduated high school
  • My first look at the dorm
  • My first imaginary friend as a legal adult (and why he’s better company than the rest of the student body)

Some of the above topics were clearly intended to be humorous and others have a definite gravity to them. Which type is preferable to you depends entirely on your personality and circumstances. You may even benefit by trying all of them to use your writing skills regularly.