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Fashion and Celebrity Magazines

Fashion magazines present at least two advantages: a financial gain, as they expose goods and products to an unlimited number of consumers, who are then motivated to purchase the products; in addition, fashion magazines present style and trends that characterize pop culture, and can create new looks for both the main culture and any number of subcultures.  Disadvantages of fashion magazines are that they present an unrealistic portrayal of what a typical human body looks like, and they frequently use  imagery that would be considered objectionable or even indecent to a segment of the population.  Although there are many and leading fashion magazines including Elle, Glamour, and Harper's Bazaar, the so-called "leader of the pack" remains Vogue because of its consistently classic, classy, beautiful cover, regular features of updated runway designs, and classic photography consisting of stunning women.

Celebrity magazines are a viable alternative to fashion magazines because of our celebrity-obsessed culture, which is genuinely fascinated by every detail of the celebrities that are in the limelight, including their clothing, makeup, hair, and other fashion aspects. If I were the CMO for Steve Madden shoes, I would use People magazine because it has such a vast audience. People subscribe to it, thumb through it while waiting on line at the cashier, and read it cover to cover while waiting for lengthy periods of time at doctors'  offices. It presents celebrities in their day to day lifestyles as well as dressed in glamorous attire for photo spreads as well as attending celebrity events. In this way, Steve Madden shoes could be subtly presented to the vast readership, with the credits underneath the photo. If I were the CMO for Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, I might also advertise in People magazine but would be more likely to present my product in InStyle magazine, which combines celebrity with fashion in its photographic layouts, so that my product would be associated with glamorous celebrities who were being featured in order to promote specific fashion items and accessories.