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Hacker Culture

Hackers and hacking has become the talk of the day today. The perception of hacking has greatly changed with time and many now view hacking differently than in the previous past. Hacking can be both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It is however associated with more evil than good and a lot has to be done to change the altitude of the people about hacking. Many people view the hackers as antiheros and as rebellious teenagers.

Hacking makes us afraid of the connections to technology. Many people express explicit and open fear to technology its power and control. Hacking is associated with many evils and thus may never get to be approved at any time. It is however good to note that there are ethical hackers. Their work is to hack is to systems with of course permission so as to note the possible threats the system may face and help in correcting them. These hackers get paid by the owners of the systems they hack into. This helps to get the system more secure. These hackers are not malicious and are important to the society.

Hackers who get in to the systems with malicious intentions cause panic in the society and are feared by people. They hack and get to know important passwords of people. They get to confidential information of people and thus make many people fear to be associated with technology. They also get to social sites and do much crazy stuff in accounts of people. This makes people afraid of the technology as they are afraid of their stuff getting to be at stake.

Some people who are good hackers have grown and started major technology companies. They believe that for you to be able to sell information, then it requires you to protecting it. Hackers thus form companies to protect information. They research on the ideas and culture of commoditizing information and make profit from it.

There are two generations of hackers. The first one is called the first generation of hackers and it represents the status quo. They are seen as computer geniuses. The second generation is the children that grew up with computers in their life. They know a lot about computers and got a passion for hacking. Most people grow into hackers just because they spend a lot of time with computers and get to know it a lot.