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Tips on Writing A Persuasive Essay

The main goal of writing an essay is to inform readers of a certain point of view as well as giving them information they otherwise would not have known. In terms of writing a persuasive easy, the objective is similar. Yet persuasive essays have the unique attribute that tends to focus on sculpting the opinions of the readers. There are many tactics that can be used to write a successful persuasive essay, which will be examined further.


Writing a persuasive essay may come easy to you- but for others it is a difficult, specified task. Some tips for being persuasive includes having legitimate and well known resources that are backing up your claims. By having a repudiated source that can be fact checked and trusted, this will further help your persuasive arguments. In addition to great sources, use strong language. Try not to use words that are weak, such as “like”, “almost”, or “nearly”. Instead, only use words that are strong and absolutes- such as “undoubtedly”, “conclusive”. By consistently using strong language throughout your essay, your reader will get a strong sense of your argument and will hopefully end up agreeing with what you are saying.

Believing in Your Topic

By writing a persuasive essay, it is not necessary that you believe what you are writing. The most apt writers are able to construct essays that are directly opposing of their views, but still maintain to be persuasive. They do that by stepping into the viewpoint of the opposing position, and delve into their viewpoint.

It is recommended for writing persuasive pieces to be aware of the counter arguments. By knowing what the counter position is, you will be able to readily dispute the opposing positions within your persuasive essay. By doing so, the reader’s own objections may be addressed within your essay and proven to be faulty. This will ultimately help with your pursuit to have a strong, persuasive essay.

Always be aware of all sides of the topic, yet concentrate on your own agenda. While there may be many points that people will be tempted to dispute, it is important that you remain focused on your end goal and strengthen your arguments. By covering all of your bases, the essay will be harder to argue with, and will serve your intentions in the end.

Persuasive writing does take practice, so do not feel discouraged if it does not come naturally. It is a writing style that will surely get better with time and practice, so keep these tips in mind the next time you are attempting to write a persuasive piece.