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The 15 Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Vacation

Compare and contrast essays are just one of the many kinds of essays that you’ll have to write in your academic career. The basic premise of them is to show how two things are different and how they are similar. So when writing a compare and contrast paper on the topic of vacation, you’ll want to choose two different kinds of vacation, two different vacations you’ve taken, to different vacation locations, two different trends in vacations, or vacations from two different time periods. It is helpful to choose a pair that are somehow related, so the pairing doesn’t seem too random.

Use this list of possible topics to get started:

  1. What are the major differences from the towns where cruise ships stop in Mexico and the towns surrounding them?
  2. How are the activities that men and women pursue on vacation similar and different?
  3. What are the major differences in return on investment for a vacation to a European country compared to a developing country in Latin America or Southeast Asia?
  4. How do vacations at all inclusive resorts differ from vacations that you plan in detail yourself?
  5. How are large cruise ship vacations similar to and different from smaller boutique cruise ship vacations?
  6. How are the common tropic vacation destinations different from American and European travelers?
  7. Compare and contrast the benefits and problems with ecotourism such as Safari vacations in developing countries.
  8. How are the vacations that people tend to take in there 20s different than those they take in their 40s with kids and those they take in their 70s on their own?
  9. Compare and contrast the experiences you had in vacations visiting the same place two different times.
  10. Compare and contrast how people commonly take family vacations now and how they took them 50 years ago.
  11. How are the vacations that people plan themselves using the internet different from those that are planned for them by travel agents?
  12. Compare and contrast the costs and benefits of taking a vacation close to home or internationally.
  13. Compare and contrast the most expensive and inexpensive vacations you’ve ever taken.
  14. Compare and contrast vacation taken to tropical climates verses those taken to colder climates.
  15. Compare and contrast vacations take to pursue some sport of activity—such as skiing—to those that are taken to pursue relaxation.